Agriculture remains a basic necessity and therefore the importance cannot be over emphasized. At Famzon, we ensure that this need is met by applying modern simple methods to achieve the best possible outcome.  We apply an integrated crop livestock system in our quest to bridge the hunger gap evident in the country.

We do not only produce agricultural products but also provide consultancy services to those who want to start a business in the agricultural sector. We intend to achieve this through organizing seminars and workshops and direct hands on training programs. Our consultancy services are designed to provide technology driven solutions to see that farm development projects embarked on by our clients are able to meet the required performance standard.

Famzon Agriculture engages in the following:



At FAMZON Agriculture, our charge is to provide our clients with high quality products and eggs. We strive to provide our customers with high quality products, along with unequalled commitment to service. Each day we aim to give you the confidence that our entire team is preparing each order with the consistent quality and delivering it in a timely manner. We only use the best poultry breed to ensure we provide you with delicious tender chicken.



100% pure original virgin coconut oil is extracted from selected breed of coconuts in our coconut processing facility. Other derivatives gotten from our coconuts include Active carbon (shell), coconut wood, coconut coir, coconut husks, coconut vinegar, and coconut milk.



We produce some of the healthiest snails in the market today. Our snailry is located in an environment that guarantees the production of healthy snails promising you delicious high protein diet.




Selected highly nutritious rice is farmed and processed under very special conditions while modernizing traditional ways of ensuring the rice remain nutritious. The FAMZON model is applied in this process ensuring the rice remains nutritious after passing all stages. This rice is popularly called the Agbede rice.