Famzon Security

In Famzon Security we identify the client’s assets after which we develop, document, and implement policies and procedures for protecting these assets. These security management procedures are used to implement effective controls. These procedures include information classification, risk assessment, asset categorization, and lots more. Using the Famzon model, we balance probability and impact, determine and implement measures to minimize or eliminate those external or internal.

Famzon Security has a pool of retired police, DSS and military officers from different parts of the globe, thereby ensuring that our clients benefit from their vast knowledge and experience.

Our security outfit can broadly be divided into arms, which are:


Automated domestic and industrial security system: Access control, Biometrics, and lots more

Asset monitoring and control: IVMS, vehicle trackers, geo-fencing and lots more.

Gadgets: Installation and maintenance of CCTV, spy cam, access control, bullet proof doors, explosive detectors, and lots more.

Drones: All drone applications including surveillance, video, photography, military (land, air and marine) and lots more.



  • Roving patrol, bodyguard and guard dogs
  • Risk management and consulting
  • Security training