Energy usage remains a key in the development of human society by helping it control and adapt to the environment. At Famzon we ensure that the environment remains in the same state or better by focusing on renewable sources of energy. The energy needs cuts across industries, homes, transportation, agriculture, etc. Global warming is a very serious problem to the world today and renewable energy sources is one of the recognized best practices to contain this problem.

We have experts in renewable energy such as solar and bio-gas. We engage in procurement of energy related tools, equipment, raw material, etc. We provide the best solution that ensures you have adequate and clean power to run your home and office 24 hours a day and 7 days a week while applying the best innovation technology has to offer.

Our main purpose is to reduce the carbon footprint and attract investment through industry and commerce while creating a more sustainable energy environment for communities.

In order to achieve this, staff of FAMZON energy  have strategically positioned themselves to implement programs that ensure waste are put to use in the generation of energy.



Our solar power generating solutions promises the production of clean energy using the best materials for all businesses and home use. Our solutions are highly scalable. We design to meet your lifestyle and energy requirements. Our approach is customer centric.  Our design philosophy leaves no room for error. Each system is meticulously designed by a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals, who have deployed power solutions for homes and companies of all kinds and sizes.

We use only the leading materials available in the world. All materials used are checked and evaluated to the highest possible standards and over extended periods of time.

The process of installing and integrating solar systems demands experience, skill and professionalism. Our work force deals, on a daily basis, with the construction and implementation of solar system in Nigeria and abroad and are amongst the most experienced available.

FAMZON energy works closely with each client to ensure that the system operates consistently and reliably. We recognize that a system that is expected to operate for many years needs fast and professional support.




Our poop to power program proves that human wastes remains one of the most resourceful source for renewable energy.  This power program is also a good source of power for street lights and more.

We deliver state of art technology that ensures the delivery of clean energy from all kinds of waste.  The Bio-gas can also be used as a source of cooking gas which can serve estates, hotels and similar environments.